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  1. Alcohol & other drugs | SafeWork SA
    (13 Sep 2021) The use of alcohol and other drugs before or while at work can have a significant negative impact on the people around them.
  2. Safety management systems | SafeWork SA
    (11 Aug 2021) The establishment and implementation of a safety management system (SMS) is a key work health and safety requirement for mines.
  3. Chemical storage, handling & security | SafeWork SA
    (24 Jun 2020) the expected length of time that the sample substance will be stored in the sample bag/container. ... refer to the relevant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) if substance and sample bag/container material are known.
  4. Careers | SafeWork SA
    (18 Sep 2020) We offer opportunities to undertake roles in administration, regulation or policy development.
  5. Glossary | SafeWork SA
    (9 Sep 2020) A list of common terms and explanations used throughout this website.
  6. Prosecutions | SafeWork SA
    (10 Sep 2021) its workers a documented bullying and harassment policy. ... in the incident and identifying the deficiency of bullying and harassment policies at the time and making considerable investment to ensure workers have an avenue to report bullying.
  7. Worker responsibilities | SafeWork SA
    (11 Aug 2021) Workers have a legal responsibility to maintain their own health and safety and not place others at risk.
  8. WHS Inspectors | SafeWork SA
    (5 Feb 2021) We have a team of inspectors to ensure your workplace remains safe. Our inspectors' primary role is to investigate an incident and to provide answers and solutions.
  9. Shopping trolley collection | SafeWork SA
    (9 Sep 2020) The hazards associated with shopping trolley collection are often overlooked. Store managers and collection services must have policies and procedures in place to prevent injuries.
  10. Freedom of information | SafeWork SA
    (14 Jul 2020) Request access to government-held information, including information about you or about government policies and decisions.