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Previous winners

2017 Winners

Andie Xu was awarded $10,000 for her project on understanding the impact of sunlight exposure on hot flush symptoms. If the project's hypothesis is proven to be correct (that higher levels of sunlight exposure are linked to lower hot flush symptoms), it could signal the potential for an alternative approach in the management of pre-menopausal symptoms. This is an important opportunity to explore as pre-menopausal symptoms can be a challenging issue to discuss and often are not managed or even acknowledged in the workplace.

Michelle Tuckey was awarded $10,000 for her project Reducing bullying against women working in SA through evidence-based risk assessment. Michelle has developed a risk based tool and outlined how it could be used by organisations to understand their risk exposure to bullying behaviour and support them to implement measures to improve their culture where required. This application had the potential for immediate application once the funded work is completed.

2016 Winners

Karen Baines was awarded $10,000 for her project Safety groups for farm women. A farm safety implementation program pilot model for the future delivery of farm safety improvements. Farm women play a critical role to safety on the farm and the aim is for groups of women to become close 'working groups' to help one another implement each phase of work health and safety systems on their own farms.

Professor Susan Gordon was awarded $10,000 for her project Preventing and managing aggression in aged care. This proposal has been developed in consultation with dementia and aged care workers from Aged Care Housing Group (ACH), a South Australian aged service provider, and researchers from Flinders University. The project responds to increasing aggressive incidents against women in the aged care environment. The aim of the project is to improve the ability of female, aged care workers and in-home carers to avoid and manage aggressive behavior.

2015 Winners

Janet Giles and Anne Purdy have been awarded $10,000 for their project on the work health and safety risks associated with social and community services workers who are required to sleepover at their workplaces as part of their job. Workers in this sector are predominantly women.

Dr Olivia Lockwood and Andy Roberts have been awarded $10,000 to develop strategies to reduce workplace injuries for sonographers.

2014 Winners

Gemma Beale - The safety of female casual and seasonal workers during South Australia's 'Mad March'. A research project to be undertaken in collaboration with the YWCA.

Renae Fernandez - Identifying occupations performed by women that contribute to an increased risk of impaired fertility. A research project undertaken at the University of Adelaide.