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Workplace fatality - Dry Creek

Incident Alert
19 March 2018

We are investigating an incident that occurred where a worker has been fatally injured when working with a tilt-tray tow truck.

It is believed the worker became trapped between the tray and headboard of the tow truck when the tray was being returned to its home position after a vehicle had been unloaded. Investigations are continuing.

General safety information:

SafeWork SA reminds everyone about the importance of working safely with or near vehicles with moveable trays and decks, and ensuring safe systems at work are in place for loading, and unloading the vehicle.

The need to enter spaces between fixed areas and moveable trays and decks of a vehicle must be eliminated or minimised and these spaces must not be used as general storage areas. Equipment must be inspected to ensure it is in proper working order and there are no operating controls or components which may be operated inadvertently or catch clothing. Adequate information, instruction and training must be provided to all operators of vehicles with moveable trays and decks. All safety and control functions must be clearly marked.

Workplace safety is everyone's responsibility.