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Working with imported plant or pressure equipment

Safety Alert
30 July 2019

Recently our Inspectors attended a worksite where a worker sustained fractures and minor amputation of his finger due to the failure of a pipe bender under hydraulic pressure. The pipe bender was imported from China.

We remind anyone working with plant imported from overseas that some items may not meet Australian Standards design requirements. To avoid potential risk to workers’ health and safety, businesses need to:

  • check that all plant complies with Australian Standards
  • ensure the plant is designed for the intended use
  • carry out an appropriate risk assessment on all plant prior to it being commissioned for use
  • ensure appropriate controls are in place to eliminate or, where not reasonably practicable, minimise the risk to any workers using the plant
  • ensure the safe working pressure is known for all pressure equipment and put in place appropriate safety controls including pressure release valves
  • test and maintain plant as required by the manufacturer, or at least annually
  • provide training for staff in the use of the plant.

Refer to:

Code of Practice – Managing the Risk of Plant in the Workplace

AS4343 – Pressure Equipment Hazard Levels

AS3892 – Pressure Equipment Installation

AS3873 – Pressure Equipment Operation and Maintenance