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Shopping trolleys on moving walks

Safety Alert
1 October 2010

A person was pushing a shopping trolley on an upward travelling moving walk when the trolley moved backwards.

The shopping trolley rolled onto the person pushing it, who then fell onto a second person, causing them to sustain fatal injuries.

Shopping Trolley Wheel Moving Walk

Above: Shopping trolley wheel correctly located in the groove of the moving walk with brake engaged.

Possible causes

  • missing or damaged brake pads on the external braking system (e.g. from collision damage)
  • loose locknuts holding the castor assembly preventing the wheels from sitting in the grooves
  • damaged grooves on moving walk plates
  • lack of emergency stops or related signage.

Action required

  • shopping trolleys that are required to travel on moving walks must have an effective braking system to prevent them from rolling once they are on the moving walk
  • inspect and maintain shopping trolleys regularly, particularly in relation to the wheel wear and the braking system. Replace worn or missing components
  • tighten locknuts on the castor
  • inspect and maintain moving walks regularly and replace plates with broken edges
  • clearly identify emergency stops on moving walks.

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