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SafeWork SA commends new forestry industry fatigue management guidelines

Media Release
13 June 2019

The Logging Investigation and Training Association (LITA) recently released guidelines for developing and implementing a fatigue management policy for the forestry industry.

The purpose of this guidance material is to assist forestry industry participants to identify, assess and manage the risks associated with fatigue. It provides a structured approach to the development of a fatigue risk management system including a fatigue policy, risk assessment tools and risk-based control options to manage fatigue.

The project was industry driven with SA forestry businesses forming a working party which funded the engagement of experts in the field of fatigue to inform the content of the guidelines.

SafeWork SA commends these new fatigue management guidelines as a positive example of businesses driving the adoption of safety controls in their industry that are seen as reasonably practicable, in accordance with current WHS legislation.

To view the new LITA fatigue management guidelines visit

SafeWork SA has visited several forestry businesses focussing specifically on the subject of fatigue management and has issued WHS Improvement Notices to encourage the development and implementation of appropriate fatigue management plans.

This has resulted in a number of companies introducing process improvements, independently of the LITA working group, to address fatigue management, therefore providing a safer working environment for their employees.

Imogen Selley, SafeWork SA Director of Compliance & Enforcement said SafeWork SA is the independent government regulator in all workplace safety matters.

“We would like to remind workers that if they have concerns about safety in the workplace they should let us know.

SafeWork SA inspectors assist and can require businesses and industries to improve work health and safety practices.

If you are working in the forestry industry and have concerns about fatigue or other work safety issues, we encourage you to report them to SafeWork SA on 1300 365 255 or use the SafeWork SA Contact Form.

All reports are treated as confidential and if a breach of the WHS legislation is detected, our inspectors will take the appropriate action to ensure health and safety issues are managed to reduce risk of injury in the workplace”, said Ms Selley.