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Imported plant and machinery

Safety Alert
18 April 2019

This week our Inspectors issued a prohibition notice on an item of plant that was manufactured and purchased overseas and installed by overseas contractors, including the electrical installations. Our inspectors held serious concerns about the electrical integrity of the plant and the safety risk it posed to workers. The business was unable to produce certificates of electrical compliance.

We remind all businesses that they must, so far as is reasonably practicable, eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety regarding the plant being used.

When purchasing and installing plant and machinery from overseas suppliers, businesses must ensure all components comply with Australian Standards to ensure they are safe. Additionally, some items of plant and plant designs must be registered with SafeWork SA before being used at a workplace. Our Managing the risks of plant in the workplace provides more information on design and item registration requirements.

Action required

At a minimum, businesses must ensure all machinery:

  • is RCD protected
  • has an electrical isolator fitted to motors
  • energy sources are able to be isolated
  • is fitted with machine guarding to Australian Standards
  • has clearly visible labelling, and it is in English
  • wiring complies with Australian Standards
  • is fitted with emergency stops to Australian Standards.