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Hazards of reo-bars

Safety Alert
1 December 2012

A formwork employee, gaining access over a 1.2 metre high framework structure under construction, fell approximately 300mm onto an uncapped reinforcement bar, when the tie wire of the reinforcement being used as a ladder collapsed under his weight.

The worker sustained a severe penetration wound injury resulting in admission to hospital.

Reo-bars on a building site

Possible causes

  • Climbing reinforcement is an unsafe system of working at height.
  • Inadequate risk assessment was conducted for this task.
  • Inadequate planning for the construction of the formwork.
  • Reinforcement bars were not adequately capped.

Action required

  • Carry out a detailed risk assessment prior to starting the job, considering all risks that could arise, and eliminate them from the work process, or put in place measures to control those risks.
  • Plan tasks to eliminate or reduce any risks associated with formwork and the potential hazards associated with the use of reo-bars.
  • Provide a safe means of access and egress to formwork.
  • Exposed reo-bars should be securely capped where there is any potential risk to workers.
  • Ensure that reo-bar caps are maintained throughout the progress of the task.
  • Reinforced reo-bar caps should be considered when working at heights around vertical reo-bars.
  • Note that non-reinforced reo-bar caps only prevent minor scratches and cuts, they will not prevent impalement.
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