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H-frame roll cages

Safety Alert
1 June 2012

An incident occurred involving the use of an H-frame roll cage in a retail store. H-frame roll cages are wheeled cages used for the movement of stock and goods.

The incident involved a member of the public being struck by an H-frame roll cage that was being moved by a retail worker.

H Frame Roll Cage

H-frame roll cage typically used for the movement of stock

Possible causes

  • the H-frame roll cage was stacked to a height that created a blind spot preventing the operator from observing any obstacles, including people, immediately in front of the cage
  • lack of adequate stock level controls on H-frame roll cages prior to entering an area where people were present
  • a heavy load placed on the H-frame roll cage impacted on the ability to manoeuvre the roll cage
  • movement of the H-frame roll cage through pedestrian walkways.

Action required

  • procedures must be developed for the safe operation of H-frame roll cages. They should include training in:
    • use
    • stacking
    • movement through walkways.
  • ensure H-frame roll cages, where a blind spot may exist, are only moved with the aid of a support person who can act as a spotter
  • where H-frame roll cages need to be moved by a single operator, ensure that products are loaded in such a way that it does not create a blind spot
  • to minimise risks to people, consideration may be given to restricting the use of H-frame roll cages to times when the store is closed.