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Lead risk work

A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must assess each lead process to determine if lead risk work is included in the process. If a PCBU cannot determine if lead work includes lead risk work, it should be accepted that it is lead risk work until such time as it is proven to be otherwise.

Any lead risk work must be reported to SafeWork SA in writing within 7 days of the risk determination.

Blood lead removal levels

SA has proposed to introduce reduced blood lead levels into WHS regulation, with a 2 year transition period, when South Australia remakes the WHS regulations towards the end of 2018.

Emergency services

Emergency services organisations must provide written notification as soon as practicable to SafeWork SA if lead risk work was determined to be carried out in the course of a rescue or administering first aid.

Removal of a worker from lead risk work

A PCBU must ensure health monitoring is provided to workers both before and after commencing lead risk work.

Notification to SafeWork SA is required if a worker is removed from carrying out lead risk work following health monitoring where:

  • biological monitoring shows the workers blood lead level is, or is more than:
    • 50 μg/dL (2.42 μmol/L) for females not of reproductive capacity and males
    • 20 μg/dL (0.97 μmol/L) for females of reproductive capacity
    • 15 μg/dL (0.72 μmol/L) for females who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • the registered medical practitioner who supervised the health monitoring recommends that the worker be removed from carrying out lead risk work
  • there is an indication that a risk control measure has failed and as a result, the worker’s blood lead level is likely to reach the relevant level for the worker to be removed from carrying out lead risk work. [Regulation 415]

Make a notification

Send completed notification forms to:

Email: SWSACEBS [at] (subject: Lead%20Risk%20Work)


Community, Events and Business Services Team
SafeWork SA
GPO Box 465
Adelaide SA 5001

Change of details

A PCBU must advise us in writing of any changes to the information provided in the notification of lead risk work before the change or as soon as practicable after becoming aware of the change.


A PCBU at a workplace where lead risk work is carried out must:

  • keep a copy of the notice given to SafeWork SA for the period that the lead risk work is carried out at the workplace
  • ensure a copy of the notice is readily accessible to a worker who is likely to be exposed to lead, and the worker’s health and safety representative.

Health monitoring

A PCBU at a workplace that carries out lead risk work must:

  • arrange for biological monitoring of each worker who carries out lead risk work at the times prescribed in Regulation 407 (1).
  • increase the frequency of biological monitoring of a worker if the worker carries out an activity that is likely to significantly change the nature or increase the duration or the frequency of the worker’s lead exposure.


SafeWork SA can decide that a process to be carried out at a workplace is a lead process if satisfied that the process creates a risk to the health of a worker. A decision that a process is a lead process is a reviewable decision.

Internal review

An application for internal review allows SafeWork SA’s decision to be reviewed and possibly changed by a person who was not involved in the original decision.

The application must be made in writing using the application form.

Applications must be lodged within 28 days of receiving the original decision or a longer period approved by SafeWork SA.

The internal reviewer may:

  • confirm or vary the reviewable decision
  • set aside the reviewable decision and substitute another decision that the internal reviewer considers appropriate.

If the original decision is not varied or set aside within 14 days, the original decision is taken to have been confirmed.

SafeWork SA will give the applicant written notice of the outcome of the internal review within 14 days of making the decision.

An application for an internal review does not affect the enforcing of the original decision. The original decision is in effect until such time as any new decision is made.

External review

If the applicant or authorisation holder is not satisfied with the decision on internal review, they can apply to the Industrial Relations Court of South Australia for an external review of the decision.