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Abandoned tank

A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) is required to notify SafeWork SA if an underground, partially underground or fully mounded tank that was used to store flammable gases/liquids has not been used in the past 2 years. Notification is also required if PCBUs do not intend to use the tank to store flammable gases/liquids again.

When an underground storage and handling system will no longer be used, the system so far as is reasonably practicable, must be removed.

If it is not reasonably practicable to remove the system, the PCBU must ensure there is no risk to health and safety. It may be impractical to remove a tank due to the proximity to surrounding structures (e.g. other tanks or buildings) or an extensive system of pipe work existing in the subsurface above the underground tank.

Notification form: Abandoned tank - Notification.pdf

Guide for applicants: Abandoned tank - Notification - Guide for applicants.pdf

Send the completed form to:

Email: licensing.safework [at]

Licensing Unit
SafeWork SA
GPO Box 465
Adelaide SA 5001