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Virtual Office

Some browsers no longer support Flash. Please open Virtual Office  using either Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Working in an office environment may not be as safe as you think. Virtual Office is a safety induction program designed for:

  • students
  • young workers entering an office-based work environment for the first time
  • experienced workers who may need reminding of hazards to be alert for in the workplace.


Virtual Office requires Flash to be installed on your computer.

You will also need either the Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser to be installed.


Thank you to:

  • Fusion Design Consultants for the development and design of this game
  • Hospitality Industry OHSW Committee for their original concept
  • students of Underdale High School for their input during the development of this game
  • WorkCover SA for the provision of content and ongoing quality assurance.

This project was developed by WorkCover SA and is now maintained by SafeWork SA.