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Manufacture of explosives licence

Ammonium nitrate - Mix and use

This licence is required for the mixing of and using of ammonium nitrate. If explosive is stored overnight, a licence to Store on Premises or in a magazine will be required. A licence granted is valid only for the person to whom it is issued, is not transferable and is valid for the place or places and for the particular Ammonium Nitrate mixture specified in the licence.

Forms: PDF icon Mix and use ammonium nitrate mixtures - Application for licence

Fees: $64.50 (1 place); $162 (more than 1 place)

Duration: 1 year

Legislation: Explosives Act 1936

Explosives - Manufacture licence

This licence permits the manufacture of authorised explosives at a specified factory site. All explosives manufactured must be classified by the Dangerous Substances Section. A licence is granted to the occupier of the factory and shall be valid only for that occupier and only in respect of the site specified in the licence and is not transferable.

Forms: PDF icon Explosives - Manufacture - Application for licence

Fees: $349

Duration: 1 year

Legislation: Explosives Act 1936