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Blasters licence

Application form: PDF icon Explosives - Blasters - Application for licence and/or variation

Fees: $78.00

Duration: 3 years

Legislation: Explosives Regulations 2011

Note: Applicants are required to complete and submit the form for all applications or variations to current licences.

All applications

A natural person is not entitled to be granted a blasters licence unless the person:
(a) has attained the age of 18 years; and
(b) has qualifications and experience considered appropriate by the Chief Inspector.

A body corporate is not entitled to apply for (or to be issued) a blasters licence.

A person must not conduct a blasting operation unless the person holds a licence (a Blasters licence) authorising the conduct of the operation.

In South Australia, a person may conduct blasting operations if the person holds a current permit, licence or other authority granted under the law of another State or a Territory of the Commonwealth authorising the person to conduct a blasting operation of the same kind and the person complies with any conditions of that permit, licence or other authority, and sub regulation (4) a,b,c.

Blasting operation means an operation or that part of an operation consisting of the use of blasting explosives conducted in the course of a mining operation.

Use, in relation to explosives, means the preparation, assembling, charging or firing of explosives. (includes training in the use of explosives)

All applications for a South Australian Blasters Licence or renewal must include a current National Police Clearance Certificate.

The Chief Inspector may, on application by a person, grant or renew, or refuse to grant a blasters licence. 


Renewal tax invoices are issued 30 days prior to expiry date. Supporting documentation must be provided with full payment.

Blasters licence - Trainee

In South Australia before persons commence training in the use of explosives, they will need to obtain a blasting licence. In these circumstances, a condition of 'TRAINEE UNDER DIRECT SUPERVISION' will apply to the licence. After the licence is issued, training in the use of explosives may commence.

The Employer is responsible for training and direct supervision until the trainee is deemed competent in the use of explosives.

When the trainee is deemed competent by the Employer, an application for a variation to the licence must be submitted to SafeWork SA for consideration.  If approved, a Blasters Licence will be issued with the condition removed.

National Police Clearance Certificate:

  1. can only be obtained from a Police Station (on a fee for service basis);
  2. is also required when applying for a permit to purchase explosives;
  3. cannot be older than 3 months from the date of the application for,
    or renewal of, a Blasters Licence.

SafeWork SA will accept a photocopy of the National Police Clearance Certificate only if it has been sighted, signed and endorsed as a genuine copy of the original by an Inspector of Explosives, Justice of the Peace or a Police Officer.

Example Blasters Licence