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Transport of dangerous goods licences

Dangerous goods driver licences

Both a vehicle and a driver are required to be licensed to transport dangerous goods when the vehicle is used to transport:

  • dangerous goods in a receptacle with a capacity of more than 500 litres; or
  • more than 500 kilograms of dangerous goods in a receptacle.

Medical standards for drivers of private and commercial vehicles apply. Anyone applying for a dangerous goods driver licence is required to have a medical conducted in accordance with Assessing fitness to drive for commercial and private vehicle drivers (2016 Edition).

Application form: Dangerous goods - Driver licence - Application form.pdf

Dangerous goods - Application for driver licence.pdf Replacement Dangerous goods driver licence

Fees: $77

Duration: 3 years


Dangerous goods - Driver licence holders register

SafeWork SA is required to publish a register of all persons licenced to drive dangerous goods vehicles.

Training providers for dangerous goods driver licence

Name of Registered Training Organisation Date of Approval Approval Number Course Name or Code Revocation/Variation Date
Fire Training & Safety Services Pty Ltd 30/12/2009 SA DGL FIRETRAINING 2/2017 ADG7,TLILIC0001 varied on 20/03/2017
Australian Workplace Training Pty Ltd 31/12/2009 SA DGL AWT 4/2017 ADG7,TLILIC0001 varied on 20/03/2017
Training Innovation Management & Enterprise Pty Ltd (trading as TIME Pty Ltd) 1/06/2010 7/07/2010 6/04/2017 SA DGDL TIME 3/2017 ADG7,TLILIC0001 varied on 16/04/2014
Yullen Pty Ltd and Lepeka Pty Ltd (trading as Courtesy Driving School) 24/08/2016 11/05/2017 SA DGDL COURTESY 7/2017 ADG7,TLILIC0001 varied on 24/08/2016
Elizabeth Anne West (trading as Chemtrain Services) 11/10/2016 SA DGDL CHEMTRAIN 8/2016 ADG7,TLILIC0001 varied on 13/02/2017
Natwide Personnel Pty Ltd 27/03/2017 SA DGDL NATWIDE 9/2017 ADG7,TLILIC0001 varied on 4/04/2017
Transqual Pty Ltd 7/07/2016 11/08/2017 SA DGDL TRANSQUAL 6/2016 ADG7,TLILIC0001 varied on 11/08/2017
Construction Industry Training Centre Inc. 11/08/2017 SA DGDL CITC 10/2017 ADG7,TLILIC0001 varied on 11/08/2017

Dangerous goods vehicle licences

A vehicle is required to be licensed to transport dangerous goods when the vehicle is used to transport:

  • dangerous goods in a receptacle with a capacity of more than 500 litres; or
  • more than 500 kilograms of dangerous goods in a receptacle.

The Regulations require both the vehicle transporting dangerous goods and the person driving the vehicle to be licensed. Additionally, if a combination vehicle is being used to transport dangerous goods, each vehicle unit requires a licence, if it is transporting a licensable amount.

Licences are not required when:

  • the dangerous goods are transported in an immediate bulk container (IBC) where IBC is not filled or emptied on the vehicle, and the total capacity of IBCs on the vehicle is not more than 3000 litres
  • a licence is in force in respect of the vehicle under the Explosives Act 1936
  • the vehicle is a unit of rolling stock
  • the vehicle is a prime mover or a converter dolly.

Application form:

Additional requirements:

Fees: $154 (1 year), $309 (2 years), $462 (3 years)

Duration: 1-3 years


Bulk vehicle licences register

Dangerous substances transport

Transporting dangerous substances is an operation that has the potential to impact the environment and the surrounding community, which is why dangerous goods classifies the substances as dangerous for transport via road, rail, air or sea; emphasising the risk and necessity for licensing and regulations to abide by.

You can apply for exemptions, approvals and determinations under the Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) Regulations 2008 by completing the application forms.


Your exemption identifies a provision of the regulations under the Act that you wish to exempt. There must be details of the dangerous substances to which the exemption may apply. The exemption will specifically relate to the transport of the dangerous goods by vehicle.

    Application form:

    Register of exemptions


    Completing the application for approvals will ensure you have approval to be licenced under the Dangerous substances legislation. Ensuring the necessary steps has been completed to gain approval for certain tasks that are involved with dangerous substances such as the method of segregation and the use of a vehicle to transport the dangerous goods.

    Application form:

    Register of approvals


    Applying for a determination creates an influence over the suspected grounds of goods that should be considered a dangerous substance. The application can enable Authority to determine dangerous goods be classified, marked or packed in accordance with the Dangerous Goods (Transport by Road or Rail) Regulations 2008.

    Application form:

    Fees: $334 per determination or variation