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Gas fitting permit

Permit to carry out gas fitting work LPG and CNG

A person who carries out gas fitting work must comply with varied requirements for working with is for LPG or CNG. Carrying work out with LPG must be in accordance with the relevant requirements of AS/NZS 1425. Where the work is carried out with the use of CNG, it must be within accordance of the relevant requirements of AS/NZS 2739.

Application form:

Replacement licence form: PDF icon Replacement gas fitting permit

Guide for applicants: PDF icon Permit to carry out gas fitting work - Guide for applicants

Fees: $117. Additional options are available. Please see our PDF icon list of fees for further information.

Duration: 3 years

Classes of gas fitting work

There are six classes of gas fitting as follows:

  • Class 1 - all classes of gas fitting
  • Class 2 - three installations for approval (a pre-requisite to obtaining a Class 1)
  • Class 3 - fork lifts only (installation, maintenance, repair)
  • Class 4 - vehicle gas equipment (maintenance, repair)
  • Class 5* - stationary engines (installation, maintenance, repair)
  • Class 6 - other situation specific e.g. wreckers removing systems (combination of installation, maintenance, repair)

* Work on stationary engines that involves large volume of LPG/CNG may also require a 'Type B' gas licence issued by the Office of the Technical Regulator.