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Minimum wage

A new minimum wage for South Australian workers has been declared by the South Australian Employment Tribunal, commencing from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2018.

The following rates apply to the South Australian industrial relations system (state system), which covers employers and workers in the South Australian public and local government sectors as well as prescribed state government business enterprises.

Worker age Full-time worker
Weekly (38 hours)
Part-time worker
Casual worker
Adult (21 years and over) $732.30 $19.27 $24.09
20 $659.10 $17.34 $21.68
19 $585.80 $15.42 $19.27
18 $512.60 $13.49 $16.86
17 $439.40 $11.56 $14.45
Under 17 $366.20 $9.64 $12.05
Junior apprentice (first year) $307.60    
Junior apprentice (second year) $402.80    
Junior apprentice (third year) $549.20    
Junior apprentice (fourth year) $644.40    
Adult apprentice (21 years and over) $732.30    

These rates do not apply to workers under a contract of employment or covered by a State Award, unless their current wage rates are lower, in which case the higher rate of the minimum wage must be paid.

Minimum wage rates are also set for:

National industrial relations system

There is also a federal minimum wage for the whole of the private sector (including private schools, universities and the non-government community services sector) which is covered by the national industrial relations system.

Employers and their workers covered by this system can check their obligations and entitlements via the Fair Work Ombudsman website or call the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94.