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Chemical security

Chemicals found in everyday products can be used to make powerful homemade explosives and toxic weapons.

It is important to be aware of and report suspicious activities or behaviours. An example of suspicious behaviours could include:

  • someone storing pool chemicals when they don’t have a pool
  • a bin full of empty chemical containers
  • chemical smells
  • unusual possession, storage or dumping of chemicals
  • suspicious behaviour around places where chemicals are kept.

If you see anything suspicious or unusual, you are encouraged to report it to the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400 or via hotline [at] (email).

Code of Practice

The Australian Government, together with the state and territory governments and the chemicals industry have developed the National Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern. The code promotes effective chemical security management of 15 high-risk chemicals. Included are steps you can take to ensure that your chemicals are not stolen and used for terrorist purposes.

Manufacturers, importers and transporters

Chemical security includes all points in the supply chain. If you are a business that either imports, reformulates, repackages, transports or stores chemicals, you play a crucial role in keeping Australia safe.

It is important that you address your business’s risk and apply security measures to reduce these risks.


If you are a retailer selling chemical products you are in an important position to identify and report suspicious behaviour. It is your responsibility to be aware of and report suspicious behaviour that takes place around the chemicals you sell. Whether it is your customers, staff or contractors, remember to be aware at all times.

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