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National Safe Work Month - Registered workplace activities

Be a safety champion!

The following organisation are getting involved in National Safe Work Month and being 'safety champions'!

Organisation Date Event
Benagere Gold & Copper 24/09/2019 BGC are in the process of starting Cyanide Leaching and we are training our First responders in Wearing Breathing Apparatus (Draegar Australia) and our Process Operators in First Aid (external RTO).
SafeWork SA 1/10/2019 To kick off National Safe Work Month, SafeWork SA will be holding a morning tea to premiere a series of injury prevention videos that will be promoted throughout the month.
Torrens Transit 1/10/2019-31/10/2019

A workplace month long event shall start weft. 01 Oct 2019 to spread awareness to our work groups to tease out best practices in work related activities. During this course we shall utilise this opportunity to revisit the foundations of our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality standards and strive to go ‘Back to the Basics’ and reinforce and re-energise our efforts by engagement and consultation with all stakeholders to prove ourselves and live up to the true essence of this common Theme i.e. ‘BE A SAFETY CHAMPION’.

We shall be showcasing various 'SafeWork SA' promotional materials for spreading general awareness and new insights and innovations in the WHS space. This shall entail a thumping endorsement by Management and employees including their HSRs all working together as a Team Torrens.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of SA/NT 1/10/2019-31/10/2019 The WHS committee will provide organisational events, for all staff, for the entire month of October. We will have a SWM Champion - Treasure Hunt; activities and promotions.
ATEC - Group Training 1/10/2019-31/10/2019 ATEC Group Training are currently running a competition with it's apprentices to sms "One Line Safety Messages". Then for the month of October one of these sms's will be selected and sent out to all of our apprentices each day. At the end of the month, all entries will be entered into a draw for one of 3 X $100.00 cash prize.
Crane Services 1/10/2019-31/10/2019 Workers have been asked to come up with a safety or health and well-being initiative that the company can implement. The best idea wins a voucher.
Parkwynd Private Hospital 1/10/2019-31/10/2019

At Parkwynd, we have developed a 'Health & Wellbeing and Safety' calendar for the month of October 2019 with an 'activity' for every day of the month.

Activities include:

  • bring a health morning or afternoon tea to share
  • eat your lunch outside day
  • fresh fruit provided for all staff
  • a 'family tree' where all staff can hang a picture of themselves
  • a visit from the Cancer Council
  • OVA (Occupational Violence & Aggression) Awareness Day
  • identify a workplace hazard and provide a solution
  • tell us what makes you feel safe at work
  • information on mental health & wellbeing

And many more activities. Some days requiring staff participation have 'win movie tickets' offered.

We have had really good staff involvement and are very excited that this appears to have had a big impact on our 'safety and health & wellbeing' culture. We have really enjoyed this month!

Spotless 1/10/2019-30/10/2019

Everyone is a safety champion - Competition

Spotless Facilities Management at nRAH challenged HSRs and Stream Managers to compete amongst each other in planning different activities within their stream to become a safety champion which was well-received, and every stream took part and completing at least one activity most relevant to their streams with more than 10+ activities conducted ranging from wellbeing walk, safety campaign, safety newsletter, hazard obstacle course, visit by mates in constructions, etc.

Accolade Wines 1/10/2019-31/10/2019

Stop for Safety

All our locations across Australia & New Zealand are stopping for one hour to:

  • REVIEW incident trends for the last 12 months, and the 84 hazards raised at the 2018 Stop for Safety event(s)
  • REALIGN our thinking and identify hazards associated with our incident trends
  • REFLECT on how we can improve our workplaces with a focus on the identified hazards.

Each work site (23) has selected their own time during the month to stop work, resulting in 31 individual sessions across the business.

Thales Australia 1/10/2019 Safety Month launch, Skin Cancer Awareness & Morning Tea. We will launch safety month with this activity as my team regularly work outdoors in all types of weather so this will be quite pertinent. We are including this with a morning tea to discuss safety and what it means to each of the staff.
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure 2/10/2019 Safe Work Month Interactive Afternoon Tea - Conducting a small interactive activity during our afternoon tea consisting of slides containing potential workplace hazards. Whoever circles the most correct potential workplace hazards in the slides wins and becomes our SAFETY CHAMPION!
Pascale Construction 4/10/2019 We will conduct a morning tea for our office workers, Project Managers and Contract Administrators with a Safety Theme and utilise some of the resources in a Powerpoint presentation.
Advanced Plastic Recycling 7/10/2019

Safety Improvements Competition - During October, Advanced Plastic Recycling will encourage employees to be "Safety Champions" by running a Safety Improvements Competition. This is a competition for employees to suggest safety initiatives in five categories - Product Loading, On the Road, Daily Activities, Factory Tours, Christmas.

Employees will be encouraged to suggest initiatives in these areas, submissions will be judged against set criteria and finalists will be put to the group for a vote. There will be an overall winner and winners in each category. This should be a fun and effective way to encourage our team to consider further safety improvements and promote collaboration.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure - Rail Infrastructure Maintenance and Management 8/10/2019 Extra Ordinary Toolbox communication session with a guest Motivational Speaker/Comedian with a sausage sizzle to follow.
Maxima Training Group 8/10/2019 Launch of an annual safety climate and culture survey
LGA Workers Compensation Scheme 8/10/2019-10/10/2019

LGA Workers Compensation Scheme Interactive Simulation Session - As part of Safe Work Month the LGAWCS team together with experienced WHS Partner from Sparke Helmore Lawyers, Luke Holland and SafeWork SA, will be delivering the WHS Interactive Simulation sessions to provide Council staff with an insight into the process surrounding the aftermath of workplace incidents.

There will be two sessions available to Council staff:

  • The Incident Investigation Simulation session aims to provide Councils with insight into the effective management of critical incidents and how to deal with the aftermath of a work-related event.
  • Interactive Court Simulation session will be set in a court room environment. Participants will gain an understanding of the types of questions witness may be asked in the courtroom and how a judge is likely to determine their decision.

The Interactive Court Simulation session followed by the Incident Investigation session allows attendees to see the full incident investigation proceed through to a court case outcome.

Redox Pty Ltd 9/10/2019

Building a Safety Culture - Brief Update: A brief presentation from the site HSR's introducing themselves, explaining their roles. Also a small explanation as to how this branch is leading the company in safety initiatives for the future.

Woolworths 10/10/2019

Work Mates Wear Hi-Vis - Get on board - help raise the awareness and wear Hi-Vis for the day. On Thursday 10th October, it’s World Mental Health Day and as a Format Development Team, we’d love to showcase our support and shine a spotlight on Mental Health.

All State and Support Offices will be arranging an event during the day on the 10th October, with all Gold Coin Donations going to Beyond Blue and Hi-Vis Vests will be sold for a $5 donation.

Prixcar Services Pty Ltd 16/10/2019 Stop For Safety Day - On October 16th we are stopping work to hold a breakfast, to raise workplace safety awareness through personal stories of returning to work after accidents and injuries, and to promote and encourage preventative treatment services that are available.
Waternish Engineering Pty Ltd 16/10/2019 Be sun smart. Waternish have invited Cancer Council SA to attend our weekly toolbox meeting to present a Sun Smart education session on the health effects of over exposure to UV radiation, prevention and early detection.
ACHA Health 17/10/2019 Be a Safety Champion Morning Tea - Morning tea sharing Safety Champion cupcakes and snaps in the Safety Champion photo booth. Will have a prize draw for Safety Champion of the hospital based on nominations from each work area and chosen by the HSRs. HSRs and Managers given 'Safety Champion' stickers to issue. All in the name of raising awareness that safety is everyone's responsibility!
DHS Salisbury 19/10/2019 Yellow themed Safety Day morning tea
Rapid Global 22/10/2019 Be a Rapid Safety Champion - We will be running an office brief this day which we will combine with a 'Be a Rapid Safety Champion' theme. There will be cupcakes branded with the 'National Safe Work Month' logo and other promotional materials. We plan to use social media to promote this cause further and to show Rapid's support of Safe Work Month!
AEM Consolidated 22/10/2019 AEM safe work lunch - Our Quality & WHS Manager Harminder is planning to give a presentation to everyone in AEM regarding office and workshop hazards. The presentation contains around 10 pages of slides to demonstrate a few examples of how we should avoid those risks as well as video. During the presentation, there will be communication between employees as they can try to find different potential risks through some photos and our WHS manager will then explain and elaborate.
Gleeson College 22/10/2019 Sun Smart Awareness, Cancer Council SA
As part of Safe Work Month we have been granted a Cancer Council SA Sun Smart and Skin Care Awareness Session for all staff at the College. This will focus on sun safety for teachers and students and self examinations for skin cancer. In conjunction with this, will also be sampling new style hats to provide all staff with a range of new hats to choose from and wear as part of the uniform.
Coola Station 23/10/2019 Farm Safety Group Meeting - Some similar farms nearby to us have joined forces to solve farm safety issues together; we meet 4-5 times a year to talk about farm safety on each person's farm. Our next meeting is October 23rd to talk about inductions, sheep yard safety, using contractors etc.
University of South Australia - Future Industries Institute 23/10/2019 Work Health and Safety Workshop - We hold these events twice per year and have done so for the last 3 years. Attendance at one workshop per year is mandatory for all of our staff and students. A number of presenters give short talks on a range of topical issues relevant to activities within the research institute. The workshop runs for approximately 2 hours and is recorded for conversion to online training material.
Fleurieu Cranes 24/10/2019 Working at Heights toolbox - Fleurieu Cranes will be holding a Toolbox focusing on Working at Heights and prevention of falling objects in preparation for a new project (Flinders Link Rail) starting in Novemeber. We will also be holding a breakfast BBQ as part of the toolbox session.
Regis Aged Care 24/10/2019

A slice of safety - Regis Playford is excited to host October safe work month theme "A slice of safety". The decorative theme is pizza and “Slices of safety” include training, education, observation, behaviour, awareness and procedures. Pizza will be served for staff to participate and enjoy and we are including a safety theme photo booth for staff.

All staff including nurses and care staff are invited to dress in a safety theme or colours for the day. A safety theme cake will be baked by our Chef and on display for the residents to participate in the cutting and engage in discussions around safety.

Bruce Interiors and Constructions 25/10/2019 BIC Safety Month BBQ - We are holding a Safework Month BBQ, with delicious food and cold drinks, doing some toolbox talks and presentations.
Motor Trade Association (MTA) 25/10/2019

MTA’s greatest “SAFETY CHAMPION” - To continue to raise WHS awareness at MTA we are running a Safety Competition during National Safe Work Month this October!

During a morning tea we will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes to MTA’s greatest “SAFETY CHAMPIONS”. Participants are asked to identify a safety risk or hazard in the MTA workplace and suggest a potential solution or improvement to fix the risk or hazard that will prevent an injury. 

Spotless Services 25/10/2019 We will be getting our office out for a 'RAH Wellbeing Walk' (roughly 28 minutes) around the local bike track near the hospital. The walk will to promote health & well being. The walk will be followed by our 'FM Office Safety Morning Tea', where we will be promoting Safety and having staff contribute to the upcoming 'Movember' campaign our Maintenance team will be a part of.
ATSYS 28/10/2019

Empowering Safety Champions at ATSYS - ATSYS are empowering individuals to be Safety Champions. Raffle tickets will be given to all employees who promote safety. Staff will be encouraged to share their on-site safety experiences, identify safety hazards and suggest mitigation measures, manage PPE allocations, maintain a hazard free work space and correctly answer safety questions from the WHS Procedure and Legislation Quiz.

At the end of the month, a ‘Safety Champion Morning Tea’ will be held where we will have a ‘Wheel of Safety’ for all our raffle ticket holders to spin. This will finish the month with a bang – a safe one of course!

Primero Group 28/10/2019 Safety Slogan Competition - Every morning during primero's Pre Start meeting we conduct the daily events and at the end of the Pre Start HSE read out a Safety Slogan. This month we will be running a competition that has the best Safety Slogan written on the back of a Hazard Card (Take 5). This will also prompt personnel to fill out there Hazard Cards and be thinking about safety.
Department for Environment and Water 29/10/2019

Fruit Breakfast of Safety Champions

An event was held on Tuesday 29 October from 8.30-10.30am for the Water and River Murray division of the Department for Environment and Water at the Level 5 Adelaide office kitchen to celebrate Safe Work Month. Breakfast was provided to participants in the form of fruit, croissants and juice. Workplace health and safety (WHS) staff attended the event and staff had the opportunity to ask them questions regarding WHS in an informal setting. The event was a success with approximately 80 people attending the event.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure 29/10/2019

Field Services Safety Day - This year Field Services are holding a Safety Day on 29 October 2019. The Safety Day will include speakers include: Anthony Heart (mental Health), Ethos (Health lunch box options), Lock out tag out, Dial before you dig, Thorz.

There will also be a number of stalls for worker to wander through these include: PPE, Thorz, CHG, Cancer Council, CFS.
Field Services will also be announcing a Safety Champion on the day.

SA Health 30/10/2019

SA Health will be supporting National Safe Work Month by holding a free ‘Conference Day’ event for all SA Health staff to promote various topics relating to work health and safety. The SA Health Safe Work Conference Day is designed to complement LHN/SAAS designed activities during the October campaign.

The agenda includes topics - Workplace Bullying, Challenging Behaviour and Workplace Violence & Aggression and will be presented by guest speakers with expertise in the topics. Eventbrite will be used as the online booking system for each session.

N.F. McDonnell & Sons 30/10/2019

At N.F. McDonnell & Sons we strongly believe that safety needs to be at the forefront of our business every day, so are using Safework Month 2019 as an opportunity to recognise and reward our safety champions for all their hard work and commitment to safety so far this year!

Since January we have been actively promoting a Safework Month competition that all our workers have been encouraged to participate in, for their chance to win 1 of 8 great prizes (up to the value of $2000) to be presented at a special safety BBQ held in October.

Thermo Fisher Scientific 31/10/2019 Tag a Flag - Bunting flags from Safework month are strung along the main corridor. Individuals add a 'Post-it' note to a flag once they've completed a WHS task during October - raise a hazard observation, workplace inspection, remove a tripping hazard, etc. Aim is to tag all the flags.
Clinpath Pathology 31/10/2019 Be a Safety Champion WHS BBQ - Clinpath's WHS Committee and HSR's are hosting a BBQ lunch for all staff to promote National Safe Work Month. It is a great opportunity for staff to come and meet their represtatatives, provide some feedback and take time out from their busy schedules to focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace.
MCA 12/11/2019 Start Work & Go Home - Having come from a large Transport company, I like to use my collected skills to create a safe working environment.