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Surgical instrument transport cases

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Surgical instrument transport cases are used to transport surgical instrument trays and medical supplies between suppliers, couriers and hospital central sterilising supply departments (CSSD).

Inspections have found that transporting and handling of road cases, tubs and surgical instrument trays present manual handling risks across the health sector.

Guide for safe design and handling

The Design and handling of surgical instrument transport cases: A guide on health and safety standards provides practical guidance for designers, manufacturers, suppliers, couriers and users of surgical instrument transport cases, with particular emphasis on safe design.

Equipment handling is addressed through workplace design and safe work practices, involving the designer through to the end-user in the hospital.

The guide also addresses the obligations of duty holders who are associated with the handling of these cases and their contents, in particular suppliers, couriers and hospital workers.

Surgical instrument trays less than 300 mm in length are not required to be transported in the surgical instrument transport cases described in this guide.

The design of tubs is not addressed. Tubs should only be used to transport prostheses and/or other lightweight surgical equipment not described in the guide.