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Tony's story

Tony Cufone

Tony Cufone

Owner of SA Contract Tippers

got in touch with our free Workplace Advisory Service for practical advice about updating his work, health and safety (WHS) paperwork and practices ahead of securing a large contract with a major multinational company.

The free service and advice was invaluable and saved me a lot of money. SafeWork SA's WHS advisors do not have inspector powers. They are not there to report you; they are here to help you.

"I wanted to secure a five year contract with a major multinational company that deals with building and construction materials. This company, as well as others I subcontract to, works with the Government's Northern Connector Project. I first got in touch with SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service for practical advice about updating my WHS procedures and practises ahead of securing the contract.

I've been in the transport industry as an owner-operator for the past twenty years, delivering sand, quarry materials and asphalt from quarries to worksites. About a year ago I made the decision to expand my business and now I employ two full time drivers, a part-time driver and a mechanic.

I used to think if you were speaking with SafeWork SA then you were in some kind of trouble but that's not how it was at all and without their help I would have been struggling, or I would have had to pay someone thousands of dollars.

Tony Cufone

Tony Cufone

Tony Cufone

My business already had safety policies and procedures, but the WHS advisor was able to advise me on where I could update and improve what I was doing, one of which was a revised Driver Pre-Start and Daily Run Sheet. This included signing off on a mechanical audit before leaving the workshop and a declaration of fitness for work. The WHS advisor also ran a toolbox talk to help my workers to get their heads around the changes, understand the chain of responsibility and the WHS responsibilities they have as drivers.

I'm proud to say I secured the large contract. It's peace of mind because I know my business is secure for at least the next five years. This big win was a lot easier with the help of the Workplace Advisory Service. The WHS work wasn't as hard as I thought it would be either, I updated the paperwork in small steps, it only took me about an hour or two each week in that first month.

Going forward, I won't hesitate using the free service again because I know they can help keep me up to date with any work health and safety changes and that will keep my business competitive.

In my opinion the SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service gets a ten out of ten. If it's something you're thinking about then give it a go, you don't need to worry about being reported, that's not what the advisors are there for."

Like Tony you can call us on 1300 365 255 to book a free advisor visit at a time that suits you or complete an online form.

Tony Cufone owns SA Contract Tippers. Together with his team of four, Tony's business delivers sand, asphalt and other materials from quarries to various worksites. This labour-intensive work calls for clear work health and safety considerations.