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Melissa's story

Melissa Juhanson

Operations Manager at Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT)

called us for assistance to update the WHS policy in her workplace.

Melissa Juhanson

Our Board was very happy with the updated WHS policy and they were impressed with how quickly it had happened. SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service was so prompt - which was amazing!

"At ANAT we support professional artists by providing resources and delivering projects that enable the artists to meaningfully engage with science and technology. It is not your standard organisation and this means our WHS requirements aren't standard either; they need to be tailored to the unique work that we do.

When researching legislation requirements for the WHS policy, I came across the Workplace Advisory Service information on the SafeWork SA website, and I didn't hesitate to call them. The WHS advisor was very knowledgeable - she had a strong understanding of what I needed to do and how I needed apply WHS principles to my workplace.

Although we already had a draft of the WHS policy the WHS advisor was able to provide feedback relevant to the work ANAT does and also bring the policy in line with the information in the legislation.

In the end, updating the WHS policy was so much faster than I expected, and that's mainly because of how efficient the WHS advisor was. I now feel confident our WHS policy is in line with the required regulations and standards.

Advice on WHS is an ideal service to be offered by the Government and it's good to know we have access to this service at no cost.

I received very positive feedback from our Board in regards to the new WHS policy. They were particularly happy with how quickly it had happened and, as a not-for-profit organisation, they were also impressed that the advice we received was free.

My next step is to put new WHS procedures in place and the WHS advisor is going to continue to provide assistance, including helping me with ways to educate ANAT staff in the procedures relevant to them.

If someone is creating or reviewing health and safety at work, I'd recommend they contact SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service straight away. I'm now familiar with the steps to creating a safe workplace and I also know the WHS advisors are there if I need them."

Melissa Juhanson

Melissa Juhanson

Melissa Juhanson

Like Melissa you can request to book a free advisor's visit at a time that suits you by calling us on 1300 365 255 or by completing an online form.

Melissa Juhanson is the Operations Manager at ANAT. The not-for-profit organisation supports professional artists through securing the necessary resources that enable these artists to pursue creative research and create groundbreaking artworks. This creates a unique and varied set of work health and safety requirements.