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Jenny's story

Jenny Galdamez

Jenny Galdamez

HR/WHS Coordinator of AVK Valves

speaks about the practical help she received from our new Workplace Advisory Service.

The WHS advisor's extensive knowledge of work health and safety and her 'keep it simple' approach has made it easier for me to understand and then apply the legislation in my workplace.

I have been employed with AVK Australia as the HR and WHS Coordinator since May 2016. I attended a five-day HSR (Health and Safety Representative) course at Job Safe SA where a SafeWork SA WHS Advisor gave a presentation on the role of the agency and explained the new Educator service to the group. Once I saw the presentation I approached them and asked for a business card. This particular WHS advisor has now become a mentor to me.

Since I started working with SafeWork SA's new Workplace Advisory Service, I have become more confident in relation to my reporting responsibilities to management and with the WHS advisor's assistance and advice, have a better understanding of my role as a Coordinator within our organisation. The WHS advisor has also helped me develop a more robust reporting system and how to interpret the often complex WHS legislation into a language and format that suits our workforce.

Jenny Galdamez

A recent report I developed was well received and 90% of my recommendations were adopted. The WHS advisor's extensive knowledge of work health and safety and her 'keep it simple' approach has made it easier for me to apply the legislation in my workplace.

The WHS advisor was prompt in providing assistance, provided exceptional customer service, guidance and support with interpretation of the WHS legislation. I have been able to confidently present facts and legislative requirements, while promoting the cost-effectiveness of the changes. In turn, it has allowed me to gain commitment from employees at all levels of the organisation and has resulted in an increased commitment to WHS by senior management.

Jenny Galdamez

Due to recent acquisitions, AVK Australia Group now comprises four different companies, two of which are in South Australia, one in Victoria and one in Queensland. The need to harmonise our WHS policy and procedures across all the companies and have a consistent WHS approach is a priority task.

Due to our positive experience we will continue to use SafeWork SA's new advisory service in the future. We believe this is a great government initiative for all businesses regardless of size, complexity or industry."

Like Jenny you can request to book a free advisor's visit at a time that suits you by calling our Workplace Advisory Service on 1300 365 255 or completing an online form.

As part of the global AVK Group, AVK Valves pride themselves as being one of the world's leading international valve manufacturers. Established in 1998, AVK Australia is a quality endorsed company, specialising in the manufacture of a high quality range of valves, hydrants and accessories, and employing around of 80 staff. Their products are manufactured at our high-tech plant in Wingfield, South Australia, each complying with Australian Standards and are sold to various regions across Australia, New Zealand and the Southern Pacific Islands.