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Explosives - South Australia


All Permits to Purchase are issued by the Dangerous Substances Team of SafeWork SA (the Police no longer issue these permits).


A manufacture licence, permits the manufacture of specified explosives (not all classes of explosives).


A licence is required for all storage over 3kg (receptacle, store or magazine).

Please refer to specific information sheets and Application Forms for all fees and requirements.

Permit to Purchase Explosives

Explosives - Purchase

Fees: Nil

Duration: Annual

Note: This licence is required for the purchase of explosives including marine flares and propellants for use and/or resale.

Forms: Application for Permit to Purchase Explosives

General Requirements for Purchasing of Explosives other than small Firework Items, Ammunition, Propellant Powder less than 3 kg

Guide to Applicants - Explosives Licences

Act: Explosives Act 1936