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SafeWork SA is committed to safe workplaces for all South Australians. While our inspectors enforce work health and safety laws and take appropriate action when breaches are detected, we also provide information, support and advice to improve workplace safety for everyone.
SafeWork SA new advisory service delivers tailored face-to-face support based on a workplace's industry, size, risk and complexity.
We provide practical advice for workable systems and solutions that you can implement to suit your workplace.
Our advisors can visit your workplace to help you understand your work health and safety responsibilities as well as provide practical support to improve your systems, practices and general approach to safety. Our advisors have no inspector powers at all so you can be comfortable inviting us in to help you without fear of being prosecuted.
Our new work health and safety information, advice and support service is also available to workers and Health and Safety Representatives.
Simply call 1300 365 255 and ask to speak with one of our advisors.

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