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'White Card' training is a general induction for construction. The course provides basic knowledge of construction work, the work health and safety (WHS) laws that apply, common hazards likely to be encountered, and how the associated risks can be controlled.

'White Card' is a term used to describe the plastic card issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) indicating that a person has undertaken general induction training for construction work. Under the WHS laws, workers on construction sites in Australia must undertake general induction training or 'White Card' training and have evidence of their attendance from the course before they are permitted to commence work on a construction site.

The National Register of Vocational Education and Training lists RTOs with approval to deliver the 'White Card' training course 'CPCCOHS1001A - Work safely in the construction industry'.
Interstate 'White Cards' are accepted in South Australia under WHS Regulation 318 - Recognition of general construction induction training cards issued in other jurisdictions.

SafeWork SA Inspectors accept all cards presented to them on construction sites irrespective of where the card had been issued. An Inspector may also request to inspect the records of induction training or other records of competencies from the PCBU.

'White Cards' do not have an expiry date, however a person in control of a site can require a person to undertake refresher training if they consider it necessary.

To organise a replacement 'White Card'  the RTO where training was completed must be contacted to request a replacement card. The RTO will issue a new card with a photograph and the original date of issue. The RTO may charge a fee for the replacement card.

In addition to general induction training, other training includes:

  • Site specific induction training - training organised by a particular employer or work site to provide workers with knowledge of health and safety issues and safe work practices specific to that site.
  • Task specific induction training - training provided at the workplace for a specific work task. This assists workers in understanding how to undertake a particular task safely.

Registered Training Organisations

There are requirements that RTOs must meet in order to fulfil their obligations in relation to induction for construction training. The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is the national authority that oversees and regulates the operations of RTOs.

RTOs must apply to ASQA to obtain the unit 'Work Safely in the Construction Industry' on scope. Once an RTO has the course on scope and can demonstrate that they meet the necessary conditions and criteria, they may enter into an agreement with SafeWork SA to issue 'White Cards'.

SafeWork SA does not manage a database of people who hold White Cards in SA - individual RTOs keep their own trainee records.

The Construction Industry Training Board assists in promoting the construction industry and increasing the skills of Australian construction workers through specialised training relevant to construction work by partially funding activities associated with training people to work in the construction industry.


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