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Electrical Safety

Code of Practice

The Code of Practice for Managing electrical risks in the workplace has been developed and approved to provide practical guidance for persons conducting a business or undertaking on managing electrical risks in the workplace. It applies to all workplaces where a person conducting a business or undertaking:

  • has management or control of electrical equipment, including electrical installations, or
  • carries out electrical work on or near energised electrical equipment, including electrical


Related Information

Managing Electrical Risks in the Workplace

South Australia's work health and safety laws, effective 1 January 2013, introduced a new approach to a number of key areas, including high risk construction work, working on energised electrical equipment, safety observers and testing. Read more in this fact sheet.



105 kb PDF. (Link will open in a new window)Electrical Testing and Safety Observers
30 January 2015 (105 kb)

Working safely near overhead powerlines

There are many hazards associated with working near powerlines. Electricity can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury or even death.



Working safely near overhead powerlines
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