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The content following is in the process of being transitioned from WorkCover to SafeWork SA.

Likelihood and severity

The risk assessment process describes the following:





Risk rating


Priority & Timeframe

Table 1


Table 2


Table 3


Table 4

Table 1: Likelihood (risk probability)

Likelihood Description

Very likely

Exposure to hazard likely to occur frequently (daily - weekly)


Exposure to hazard likely to occur but not frequently (weekly - monthly)


Exposure to hazard unlikely to occur (monthly - yearly)

Highly unlikely

Exposure to hazard so unlikely that it can be assumed that it will not occur (yearly - 2 yearly)

Table 2: Severity (consequences)

Severity Description


Hazard may cause death or total loss of one or more bodily functions (eg loss of use of arm, leg or sight). Requires more than 4 months off work.


Hazard may cause severe injury, permanent partial loss of one or more bodily functions (eg noise induced hearing loss, severe illness) or major property damage. Requires 2 weeks - 4 months off work.


Hazard may cause a reportable incident, ie an incident that could result in either the employee being unable to undertake normal duties for 5 days or more or significant property damage.


Hazard may cause either minor injury or illness (1-5 days off work) or property damage.


Hazard has very little effect on employee safety or health; a first aid only incident with less than 30 minutes off work.

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