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The content following is in the process of being transitioned from WorkCover to SafeWork SA.

Hazard-specific checklists

Inspection checklists can be used to address specific hazards in the workplace such as:

  • plant
  • chemicals
  • job flow
  • workplace organisation
  • storage/housekeeping
  • personal protective equipment.

These checklists should be designed to identify hazards before the plant, equipment and chemicals are purchased and when they are being used.

Below are examples of items to record - reference should be made to the OHS&W regulations for further advice.

Plant and equipment checklists might record:

  • the design and effectiveness of guards
  • the design and layout of controls (ergonomics)
  • the impact the plant may have on the workplace eg noise, fumes, dust levels
  • certification requirements for operators of the plant.
  • flexible supply cords, electrical plant and the way electrical plant is used.

Chemicals checklists might record:

  • whether or not the substance is hazardous
  • the hazardous substances classification
  • the hazards associated with the use, storage and handling of the product
  • the first aid information provided
  • competencies or training requirements for people handling the product.

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